The GLO Up is Real Hunny!

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

I am no longer letting myself go anymore. I am no longer allowing myself to let me dictate my life or how I should feel about myself. It is time for my Glo Up! It is time for me to step out and show out for myself.

Queens, I had to take a social media break this summer because I was TIYAD! Legit, I was overwhelmed, exhausted, depressed, unmotivated, and I let myself go completely. I gained 20 pounds, my skin had broken out so bad, and I was not motivated to do anything to make me feel better. I was just in a rut. In addition to that I was in debt, heavy credit card and I legit had no hope. I was suffocating. My headaches turned into migraines. I was really having a difficult time managing everything in my life.

It took for me to realize that I need to take a step back and take care of myself. I was letting myself go and I did not like it. It did not make me feel good at all. I was losing myself. I felt as if I had no purpose in life. I felt unattractive. My depression kicked me in my ass and I felt as if I was hopeless. When you get to that point, most people aren’t able to come out of it. Most people feel stuck and feel captive in their depression and hopelessness.

What got me out of the rut was me stepping away from social media. I had too many things on my plate to where I was not focused and I was going through personal things where I became depressed.

One day, I literally had enough. Enough was enough. I allowed myself to mop and cry for those few weeks but now it is time to get up and make a change! I mentally had to detox myself and rid myself of those negative, abusive, and toxic thoughts so I can develop and create positive thoughts and have a positive mindset towards my growth. I had to lean in on God, people, and myself in order for me to take that first step into my self-love journey. I literally had to GLO UP and start taking care of myself. I could no longer allow myself to drown in the pit and be sad. I have one life to live and do not want to spend my life saying I “shoulda, coulda, woulda”. It is okay to be sad, and have moments where you need a break. Taking breaks is good and healthy. It shows you are aware of your feelings and behaviors and you need to the time to step away from your distractions to help you thrive and excel in areas in which you’ve neglected. I’ve been neglecting myself for so long to where I needed to show myself some love. I needed to show up for Soraya.

I know there’s someone out there who is struggling just like me.

- Don’t know their purpose

- Feeling insecure

- Feeling hopeless

- Went through a traumatic experience and now doesn’t not know how to cope

- In debt

- Wanting to start the business but cant

YOU ARE NOT A PRODUCT OF YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND NEGATIVE EMOTIONS. You are special and worthy of everything you set your mind and heart too. You must declutter and allow yourself the space to improve and change your environment. Allow yourself to GLO UP and SHOW OUT!

Below are 5 tips to help you GLO UP:

  1. Move that Body Queen!