My life has been up and down! Being a dark skin, plus-size woman, it has not always been easy for me. My confidence has been dismantled and ripped apart! My body began to change and people began to make comments and made me feel indifferent! Enough was Enough!

I wanted to create a space to one, understand why I allowed people's opinions to get the best of me, and two a safe space to just be myself! So, I began blogging! In the midst of the pandemic and all of these life changes, I decided it was time for me to step outside of my comfort zone and write out my experiences. If my story can help one of you beautiful queens then I have done my job! I hope my stories and experience can help you hun!

So, I know you're wondering, who is Soloraya? My name is, Soraya, and I was born in Chicago, Illinois. When I was 8 years old, I moved to the Big Apple, NYC! From there, I quickly had to grow up and be an adult!

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I want to help women rid themselves of feeling like they are not good enough, not worthy enough, and not confident enough. Whether you are struggling with your self-image, depression, negative thoughts, etc., I want you to understand that you can attract the life you desire! I will help you rebuild your confidence in the areas you are struggling with. I want to help you remove all the negativity and barriers that are keeping you from flourishing into your true self. I want to help you embrace yourself in a way you never did before. To feel your most confident and love the person you see in the mirror daily. I will help you attract and manifest the life you’ve been dreaming of! I got you, Queen!



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